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This year, more retailers are cushioning the blow of Tax Day with a few freebies throughout the day. Here is a roundup.

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Pat Lafrieda Coupon Code October 12222

Skip to content. The duck was nicely cooked and the romaine lettuce was dressed just right, and garnished with walnuts, raspberries and persimmon. My wife picked the cassoulet for her entree. It sounded great; duck confit, wild boar sausage and lamb. However, the beans seemed to reign supreme. Strips always have that one side with a hard line of gristle too. This was no exception.

Pat LaFrieda: We see a future in meatless alternatives

Flavor was nice, but it could have used a bit more seasoning and searing. For dessert we went with a cheese plate that included five different styles. All were good. I love this stuff. Then a bowl of rice porridge with dried fruits and nuts.

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This was refreshing and light. These were amazing. Not the case here.

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These were thick and light. Holy shit this thing came out next… Tuna tartare.

But look at how vibrant the color is on this! It had a perfect sear on the outside, nice and peppery. I could eat this all day long. Then came the onslaught of banchan: small dishes and bowls of pickled items kimchi and veggies. These are used to dress up your lettuce wraps, in which you place the finished BBQ meat after its all grilled up nicely. But wait..

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I skipped the best part. The MEAT! Our meal came with a plate of four meats: thick cut pork belly, spicy pork bulgogi, boneless beef rib and beef short ribs. Look at this fucking short rib…. That marbling… Holy shit! Just perfect.

My order of preference: short rib, belly, bulgogi, boneless rib. We also had a braised salmon dish.

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This was a bit dry and overcooked for my liking. In fact we threw the salmon meat into the hot soup dish for the next course, but I really enjoyed the sauce and radish that came with it. It was topped with a slice of lotus root too. Next course: noodles.

Pat Lafrieda Coupon Code October 12222

We picked Haemul Kalguksu: spicy seafood noodles hot ; and Mul Naengmyeon: green buckwheat noodles cold. Both were tasty but we seriously had no more room left in our stomachs! We brought these home, but not before my wife lifted the noodles for an Instagram pic. That cold soup green noodles had some sweetness to it from the shaved winter melon within. And then there was dessert. Little puffy, sweet and soft logs of fried dough with a cup of cold and sweet rice juice.

I highly recommend this joint. Every once in a while I score a Groupon deal for a steakhouse. Check out the verdict:. The meat itself was dry aged for days, so it just started to develop that nice funky and earthy flavor. At 38oz on the bone, this was enough for two. It had a buttery flavor with a good crust on the outside. Despite the grey banding, it still retained a good amount of juiciness and my wife and I finished it all.

They offer two types of hanger, three versions of a filet, a rib eye for two pictured above , a porterhouse for two, and two sizes of strip loin. Plating is rustic yet pretty, as you can tell by the skillet and wood serving platter for the steak. However the pricing comes in very close to the midtown Manhattan range, so make sure you pick up that Groupon deal to offset this a bit.

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  7. Bar : 8 This joint offers a nice variety of cocktails featuring fun and unique throwback spirits. They also have a nice wine selection both by the glass and by the bottle, and you can even get the finer wines served by the glass through a Coravin type method of pulling a glass of wine out of a still-corked bottle through a needle. The bar itself is oriented perpendicular to the street, but it is a nice area for sitting and hanging out.

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    Specials and Other Meats : 9 In addition to the 12oz wagyu rib eye that was on special, they also offered lamb and veal dishes. The regular menu boasts pork chops and chicken as well. This is a fairly strong showing. First, this grilled pork belly wrapped in cotton candy. Next up was the Spanish charred octopus, as recommended by our waitress.

    It was tasty! Good call. This was sort of a flop.